CineMart: selected for CineMart

My project has been selected for CineMart. What is expected of me now?

Once a project is selected we would like to receive updated information within three days in order to include this in the CineMart Projects Dossier. The dossier will be presented online one week after the selection is announced. 
At least one representative of your project should be present during the four days of CineMart (Sunday 9:00 hrs - Wednesday 19:00 hrs). CineMart offers two hotelrooms for the duration of CineMart.

Which awards are handed out at CineMart?

Four awards are handed out at CineMart to projects that are presented at the market: the Eurimages Coproduction Award, the ARTE International Prize, the Filmmore Post-Production Award and the Wouter Barendrecht Award.

What does CineMart want in return?

Finished film projects sprung from the CineMart meetings should mention CineMart or display its logo in their credits. Preferably, the following sentence should be mentioned in the credit list: "[film title] has been presented at CineMart of International Film Festival Rotterdam". The CineMart logo will be sent upon request.