Film entry: selection process

The answers to most of your questions can be found in our Rules and Regulations. Please read these carefully before submitting your film. 

What happens to my film once I have submitted it?

Firstly, we will register and finalize your submission after which you will receive a confirmation email. Now your film is successfully submitted. Secondly, our programmers will view all the submissions and will make a selection.

If your film has been selected for our upcoming edition, you will receive an official invitation. We will send out all the invitations by the end of December. If our programmers decide not to select your film, we will update you as soon as possible, also December at the latest.

Which screening formats are accepted for the festival if my film is selected?

Formats that can be screened during the Festival are: DCP, 35mm, 16mm; presentation of other formats and video systems requires the authorization of the Festival. Please note that we retain the right to exclude the film from the programme if aberrant formats are submitted without our authorization. 

For more information, please refer to our Rules and Regulations

My film was not selected, will I have feedback on the reasons why?

Unfortunately, due to the large amount of titles we receive each year, we are unable to provide feedback on your submission.