Film entry: submission materials

The answers to most of your questions can be found in our Rules and Regulations. Please read these carefully before submitting your film. 

When are the submission deadlines?

Submissions are now open.

The submission deadlines for IFFR 2021, which means the deadline for the Festival's office to receive all required submission materials, are:

  • Short films (up to 60 min.) completed before 1 July: 24 August
  • Short films (up to 60 min.) completed after 1 July: 21 September
  • VR Interactive works: 21 September
  • Feature-length films (60+ min.): 14 October

For future work, submissions for the 2022 edition will open again in May 2021.

Is it possible to submit a film after the deadline has passed?

The Festival will make an effort to consider late entries, but because of the overwhelming amount of entries and limited time available, we cannot guarantee that your film will be viewed. 

My film is not yet finished. Can I submit a rough cut or work-in-progress?

Yes, our selection committee is used to previewing unfinished films, and will judge accordingly. Please upload your preview copy to a streaming platform (for example Vimeo). Copy the link with password in the entry form and clearly mark your preview copy is work in progress. Furthermore, do not send in an updated version without notifying our programme department. Because of the enormous amount of entries, we cannot guarantee that your updated/final version will be viewed by our programmers on a later date.

I have made a short film, is there a separate entry form?

Yes, there are two different forms: one for short films (<60 minutes) and another one for feature films (>60 minutes). As soon as the submissions are opened you will see the different entry forms in your personal account under Submissions

Can I upload my film for previewing?

Yes, you can upload your preview copy to a streaming platform, for example Vimeo. You can add the link and password to the online entry form. The password should be valid until January.

Can I send my DCP for previewing?

Although exceptions can be made, the festival does not accept any DCPs for preview purposes. Should the festival accept the request for a DCP screening, the costs for previewing will be borne by the submitter. Please contact our programme department for further details. 

What is a director’s statement?

A director’s statement is normally a brief statement by the director about the intention of the film and the inspiration/motivation to make it. This document is usually half a page long. 

I have sent you a DVD / .MOV file but haven’t received a confirmation email. Should I worry?

We online process entries submitted via our online entry form. Kindly submit your film via this form before the submission deadline and you will receive a confirmation email once your submission has been processed.

I have submitted my film but haven’t received a confirmation email. Should I worry?

Firstly, please check in your account if you already paid the submission fee. Without payment, we cannot consider your film for our next edition. It may well be you paid for the submission, but haven’t received a confirmation email yet. Due to the great amount of submissions each year, it can take some time until we have registered and finalized your submission. That is the reason you won’t receive the confirmation email immediately after submitting your film and paying the fee.