Waarom lid worden?


The Tiger Film Mecenaat is a mixed group of individuals who have one thing in common: they are extremely fond of the festival and meet one another during the annual preview evening, the official opening and at the closing film and party. Alongside a discount on film tickets, the Tiger Film Mecenaat also provides early bird ticket sales. Furthermore, as a patron you will be invited to an exclusive event during the festival, attended by the filmmakers. Enough to look forward to!

You can become a member by contributing €1,000 or more per year. Thanks to the tax advantages of a five year contribution, the final net sum is a lot less. For instance, if your income is in the Dutch 51.75% tax bracket, a €1,000 donation effectively only costs you €483. 

A donation of €2,500 or more means you will also receive a tailor-made day programme on the basis of your personal preferences alongside the above privileges.

Want to become a member of the Tiger Film Mecenaat?

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Do you have any other questions?

If so, please feel free to contact Nicole van der Meer by calling +31 (0)10 890 90 90 or emailing [email protected] If you would you like to be invited to a Tiger Film Mecenaat event you can send us an e-mail as well and we’ll send you an invitation.