IFFR Young Network



From left to right: Celine Yuchao Feng, Jildou Loskamp, Borah Spoorenberg, Tsania Hisbaron, Noah Bos, Sonia Shvets

IFFR Young Network brings young film enthusiasts (from 16 till 25 years old) together to share experiences and get inspiration from each other. They organise their own events, workshops and lectures before and during the festival. Film professionals are invited to share their knowledge, which can be anything, from writing scenario’s, directing, editing and post production. In this way a young and diverse group of film lovers can enter the film industry with more know-how.

The network is an initiative of the IFFR Youth Jury of 2018: Rahab Ahmed, Noah Bos, Tsania Hisbaron, Jan van der Meer en Borah Spoorenberg. They were so passionate in exchanging information and ideas, that they wanted to expand their activities for a larger group of like minded youngsters. IFFR facilitates and stimulates the film talent of the future. The group has close contact with the Netherlands Film Academy, who helps with contacting experts of the field.

Tsania Hisbaron: “Rotterdam is a city full of ambitious young people who have a lot to offer. Via this inclusive platform we want to connect and inspire a new generation of filmmakers.’


You can join by filling in this online form: IFFR Young Network-formulier
The main language of IFFR Young Network is English.

IFFR Young Network is one of many ways in which IFFR ties a young audience to the world of independent film. Other initiatives include IFFR Young SelectorsYoung Reporters, IFFR Youth Jury, IFFR Academy and many special screenings for students of all ages.