IFFR statement over COVID-19 crisis

08 april 2020

Vervolgpagina in Engels

We are living through an unprecedented crisis, for which, in many ways, we were unprepared. As we do so, International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) stands in solidarity with everyone affected by the pandemic.

We stand with filmmakers and artists, as well as our contributors, colleagues, volunteers and audiences personally affected by the virus. We stand with our partners who have had to close their doors indefinitely, and who may be facing long-lasting damage. We stand with our friends around the world, who have poured energy and creativity into films, projects and events which are postponed or cancelled.

As we work to understand what the future holds, we will draw from the resilience, resourcefulness and innovation that lie at the heart of our profession. More than ever, the international film community will have to work together to overcome this crisis.

The whole team at IFFR acknowledges how lucky we were to be able to deliver our 49th edition earlier this year, and we cherish the moments we spent with so many of you during the festival.

The next edition of IFFR, in 2021, will be our 50th festival – a cause for celebration, but one which will take place in a changed world. For half a century, bringing people together – whether they work in the film industry or simply love cinema – has always been at the centre of our work. We have had to act with ingenuity, adapting in the face of changing political and financial circumstances, and yet, no matter the context, our mission to support independent cinema has remained vital. With collective effort and creativity we will find viable solutions for the challenges ahead, to ensure we deliver the festival to the highest standards in whatever new reality we face. It is an enormous challenge for all of us, but one which we will wholeheartedly embrace together with the filmmaking community, our funders and our beloved city of Rotterdam.

On behalf of IFFR
Vanja Kaludjercic –­ Festival Director
Marjan van der Haar – Managing Director