Critics' Choice V: Mohamed Abou Solíman

Als onderdeel van Critics’ Choice wordt de vertoning van The Beast in the Jungle op ma 28 jan, 13:30 voorafgegaan door een video-essay van Mohamed Abou Solíman.

Note(s) on Absence

When creating a video essay, I would sometimes focus on a detail so small, so fleeting.. and magnify it, as if shedding light on an idea or a decision intended by the filmmaker but was absent from the viewers' vision or attention. Like shining a light on an object that the filmmaker placed in a dark room. However I sometimes wonder... am I perhaps creating something out of nothing?

What if there was no object placed there by the filmmaker in the dark? What if that particular frame composition was just the fastest camera set-up to capture the good light, what if the way that line was so brilliantly and truthfully delivered was just the only take available with good sound, what if that perfectly timed edit from the actor's face happened just because the boom mic dropped at that exact instant? I guess what I'm trying to say is: Do we always make the absent present or do we, every now and then, create something out of nothing? The difference between the two is the difference between the absence of that which exists and its nonexistence in the first place.

Mohamed Abou Solíman is an Egyptian-Canadian filmmaker, content creator and communications consultant. He has directed and produced media projects in Canada, Egypt, Dubai, Tunisia, Uganda and Ecuador as well as developed and implemented communications strategies for several international organizations such as the United Nations. In 2015 he created and launched the first video essay series dedicated to Arabic cinema "CINEMATOLOGY", which has grown to become one of the leading online audiovisual platforms in the Arab world dedicated to professional film analysis and appreciation.