IFFR KINO #4: Do the Right Thing


Like it was meant to be. IFFR will be hosting a monthly movie night at the exact same spot where it all began. Located in movie theater KINO on the Gouvernestraat, IFFR will proudly be presenting a wide variety of movies. The showing of which will be every first Wednesday of the month under the title 'IFFR KINO'.

The monthly program is a cross section of earlier showed films from the archives of IFFR and movies that are never before screened in Rotterdam. The movies, shorts, documentaries and other movies on the big screen will be accompanied by special guests, speakers, interviews and of course a good liquid refreshment afterwards.

This fourth edition of IFFR KINO is filled with Do the Right Thing (1989). A then controversial, iconic and influential classic Spike Lee film.

The explosive dance steps by Public Enemy in the opening scene is a prelude to the violent end in Spike Lee's iconic film about racial tensions. On the hottest day of the year, Italian and African American residents of Bedford-Stuyvesant come in Brooklyn to a boiling point. Who still does the right thing?

As one means of Radio Raheem (played by this year - already - deceased actor Bill Nun) spells "love" and his other "hate," Spike Lee's influential film is full of contradictions. He concludes with the contrast between a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King and a quote from Malcolm X in favor of violence. Do the Right Thing (1989) deals with racial conflicts. Lee shows that when the tensions rise, violence always is a contradictory phenomenon.

Thanks to a sumptuous collection of characters the neighbourhood comes to life. Spike Lee plays the role of Mookie Lee, a pizza deliverer in service of a bunch of racist Italians. A protest of Mookie's friends against the Italians from the existing "Hall of Fame"of the pizzeria, opens into a shouting match and a fight. With the arrival of the police, we see that violence is answered quickly with more violence, a scene that fits horribly with the recent death of Eric Garner.

Also found at IFFR 2017: World premiere of Ernest Dickersons Double Play (to Frank Martinus Arion's successful novel Doubles). Dickerson years was Spike Lee's regular cameraman, inter alia for Do the Right Thing.