Reality Check is an annual conference that does a deep dive into an important topic impacting the global film industry. Now in its third year, the theme for the 2020 edition of Reality Check is ‘originality’. During a time when global platforms and Hollywood studios are dominating the discussion, we wanted to look at why original storytelling is so important to counteract the rise of monolithic culture and to ensure a plurality of voices inspire audiences.

Throughout the day’s talks and breakout sessions, we want to examine many aspects of originality: new and unique voices; authorship and authenticity; collectives and collaboration; new content formats and technologies; overlaps with other art forms; and original ways to engage audiences both online and in cinemas.

After hearing from the inspiring experts in a series of talks, keynotes and panels, the audience members will be encouraged to join in immersive roundtable discussions, to discuss the importance of original voices and stories, and come up with concrete ideas to keep originality thriving across different aspects of the film landscape.

Talks (10:00 –14:30)
With a contribution from, Theresa Ikoko, Terence Nance and Nathan Fischer.

Breakout session (14:30 – 17:30)

on the following five themes:
• Discovering and championingnew voices
• Exploring new storytelling formats
• Original ways to reach audiences
• Collectives & collaboration
• Amplifying women’s voices