IFFR Live 2016

Your cinema can become a venue for an international film festival event!

IFFR Live is a series of five film premieres held simultaneously in cinemas throughout Europe during the 45th International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). IFFR Live 2016 will take place January 29 – 31, 2016. Audiences will be able to see the director and film cast attend the premiere in Rotterdam through a live streaming connection. After the screening, audiences can participate in a live Q&A via Twitter, and enjoy music performances and more via the live stream.

In order to participate, your theatre needs the following:

  • Ability to play DCP

  • A computer or laptop with a hard line internet connection in the projection booth

  • Ability to project internet stream on the cinema screen

 IFFR Live offers you:

  • Subtitled DCP’s

  • Live video stream of the introduction and Q&A in Rotterdam, with full technical support

  • A marketing package free of charge, and tips on how to promote the events

  • 50/50 box office split 


The first edition of IFFR Live in 2015 was very successful. Watch the short video reports of the events here:






For the full registrations of the Live Twitter Q&A’s, go to our Youtube channel.