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Zoé Jacob

eitelsonnenschein – Germany


From the outset the Berlin-Cologne based film production company eitelsonnenschein made a point of growing healthy and organically – quite a challenge in an industry focussed on business goals. Launched as a cross-genre creative and production community in Berlin in mid-2003, eitelsonnenschein  soon focused on film and television productions. Rooted in advertising, eitelsonnenschein is faithful  to its motto: through advertising we finance “art”. Their art soon became entertainment, meaning fiction – movies and TV shows, which by now are as much a core competence as commercials. , we are happy to have created a series of very successful and award-winning TV shows that convey the spirit of eitelsonnenschein and entertain viewers in Germany and soon across the globe, like Finally German! (WDR), World of Wolfram (funk) and Other Parents (TNT Comedy). A family feel and team spirit are at the heart of their business philosophy. In this fast-paced and demanding industry, eitelsonnenschein offers a home in which employees feel comfortable and can contribute passionately
In addition to commercial and fiction projects, eitelsonnenschein works in  content creation : a constantly growing market in times of social media, smartphone cameras and the shift from classic texts to short, fast online videos. eitelsonnenschein is now built on the three cornerstones commercial, fiction and content. They want to light a fire in clients and viewers, give products a beating heart and infuse the eitelsonnenschein spirit into every production.

Zoé Jacob was born in Paris and grew up in Berlin and Bonn, Germany. She studied media and cultural science in Weimar and Lyon. After various internships in media and television companies, she started her career in children’s television and worked for KiKA, Saxonia Media and Luxx Studios. She graduated from Atelier Ludiwgsburg-Paris in 2015 and has been based in Cologne since then. From 2015 – 2018 she was a junior producer for augenschein. Zoé works for eitelsonnenschein since 2018 and was part of productions such as Other Parents (TNT Comedy), Macht Er Eh Nicht (Amazon Prime) and Keine Besonderen Vorkomnisse (RTL/TV NOW). She focuses on development and creative producing.

Current Projects 

In development
Hype by Ersa & Patrick Phul (Fiction, drama, mini series)
Instabil by Benjamin Quabeck & Alexander v. Luckowitz (Fiction, drama series)
Der Pfau by Lutz Heineking, jr. (Fiction, mini serie, dramedy)

In production
Im Paradies by Yasemin Şamdereli (Pilot , fiction series)

In post-production
Keine Besonderen Vorkommnisse by Lutz Heineking, jr. (Fiction, series comedy)

Ausgebremst by Lutz Heineking jr., 2020
Drinnen – Im internet sind alle gleich by Lutz Heineking jr., 2020
Andere Eltern by Lutz Heineking jr. Season 1, 2019 & Season 2, 2020
SERIöS- Das Serienquartett, since 2019, (Talk show)

Zoé Jacob

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