Young Film Critics

Zanji Sinkala

Zanji Valerie Sinkala is a multimedia journalist and aspiring filmmaker from Zambia. She is currently working with News Diggers Media as an investigative reporter and project manager. Last year, she was named among the world's 100 best young filmmakers by the British Council at the Future News Worldwide programme where she was trained by some of the world’s leading media organisations at the Reuters headquarters in London. Additionally, in 2017 she was nominated for the Zambian Women of the Year Award, and last year received the Princess Diana Award for using multimedia journalism influentially in humanitarian work and achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

Zanji Sinkala

Pieces by Zanji Sinkala

All the written work by Zanji during the Young Film Critics programme at IFFR 2021.


Young Film Critics 2021

The YFC selection of IFFR 2021.