Young Curators


Call for Proposals:

International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) recognises the vital importance of curated programming. Therefore IFFR, in collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut (HNI), launches a new open call project to support a new generation of young and upcoming curators: Young Curators. This programme will offer curators (individuals or collectives) under the age of 30, in the early stages of a career, a platform to realise a thematic programme with an innovative view on the crossovers between film and digital culture, arts and/or other related disciplines to be presented at IFFR 2020.

IFFR and HNI will assist in developing the selected proposal, contribute institutional guidance, expertise, and professional connections, as well as resources and space, with the purpose of realising a presentation for IFFR’s and HNI’s audiences.

The selected applicant will receive a curator’s fee of € 2.500 and a maximum exhibition/production budget of € 5.000.

The Young Curator is selected through an open application process in two parts.

First round, deadline 15 June

What to submit

  • Contact information (full name, country of residence, e-mail address, telephone number).
  • A self-introduction of max. 150 words.
  • A proposal with a max. of 600 words that outlines the argument, background as well as realisation plan for the programme.
  • A list of at least three potential artists, filmmakers and/or works to be included.
  • Graphic material such as drawings, images or digital engagements (max. 10)

Send your proposal to [email protected]

Second Round, deadline 15 July

A limited number of curators will be asked to send in a more detailed proposal. This includes:

  • A proposal of up to 1000 words with a list of potential artists, filmmakers or works (with images or links if possible)
  • Potential budget, calendar, and working plan
  • Skype interview with selection committee

General Requirements

  • Proposals must be focused on crossovers between film and other disciplines, keeping in mind IFFR’s profile
  • The presentation format is free. It can range from an exhibition, screen-based works, cinema programme to performances. Please note that in case of a spatial presentation, the provided space will be at HNI.
  • The applicant must be able to dedicate sufficient time to realise a final working plan before 15 October 2019
  • The applicant should be willing and able to attend IFFR from 22 January - 2 February 2020
  • The applicant should be willing and able to participate in the exhibition construction in the days prior to the festival
  • This open call is open to all degree levels in all disciplines. Equal priority will be given to those without a degree or institutional affiliation who demonstrate a high level of creativity, critical thought and other potentials in their respective fields. Neither a curriculum vitae nor letters of recommendation are requested.
  • We understand that English proficiencies may vary. We also recognise that English may not be the applicant’s first or primary language. As such — even though proposals should be submitted in English — all proposals will be considered on the sole basis of the criteria specified above, regardless of English language skills. Proposals should, however, be as thorough and specific as possible. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer translation support at this time. Applicants with reasonable adjustments and specific needs are encouraged to contact [email protected] about the availability of any support services.


The selection committee will comprise of IFFR and HNI staff. All proposals will be evaluated on the merit of the project, the singularity of concept, and adherence to the aforementioned criteria.


All proposals are treated confidentially. All projects that are not selected, will not in any way be publicized or shared outside of procedure for selection.

IFFR and HNI will exercise extreme care in dealing with the intellectual property of the applicants, but do not accept any liability or responsibility in the event that the applicants claim similarities between their proposals and other, later activities of IFFR or HNI.