You are invited to come to a musical filmnight in WORM on Sunday 3 November. As part of the seventh edition of the Rotterdam Popweek, IFFR will screen three Rotterdam music documentaries from last festival edition, as well as a selection of video clips from the programme of the RTM 2019, the 'Rotterdam Day' of last IFFR. Expect a Q&A with the filmmakers after the films!

Elsbeth van Noppen, 2019, Netherlands, 54’
The Rotterdam label Demonfuzz Records on Nieuwe Binnenweg has for years supplied the black gold that satiates vinyl collectors' voracious hunger for materialised emotions, dreams and memories. The film shows how this passion for collecting offers an escape from everyday reality. In the meantime, the shop owners muse about their special role as ‘dealers’.

Q&A with film maker Elsbeth van Noppen and Erwin Zimmerman (Demonfuzz Records).

De koning van de Nederlandstalige rock & roll
Bastiaan Bosma, 2019, Netherlands, 33’
Fascinating portrait of Eric de Boer, AKA Ricky de Sire, self-declared king of Dutch-language rock ‘n’ roll. For nearly 4 decades, this singer-songwriter has worked steadily on an oeuvre that is as idiosyncratic as it is misunderstood. The eternal outsider retains the hope that one day he’ll break through to a mass audience with his life’s work.

Q&A with Eric de Boer, a.k.a. Ricky de Sire.

Home of the Brave
Rien Bexken, 2018, Netherlands, 3’
Home of the Brave is the very first Dutch (low-budget) feature film dealing with graffiti culture. Vincent (Jiggy Djé) and Geoffrey (Riske De Rat) are graffiti artists with polar opposite personalities. When Risk takes the decision of setting a pièce in a dangerous place, Vincent attempts to protect him. Unfortunately, Risk is not easy to sway.

Q&A with film maker Rien Bexken.

Start: 18:00 hours | ticket: €5 | Cineville: for free

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Rotterdam Pop Week
Since 2013, the Rotterdam Pop Week event is well known for giving prominence to the city’s pop culture. Pop performances and events will be scattered all around the city, shedding light on new creative and musical talent. The seventh edition of the Rotterdam Pop Week will take place from Friday 1 to Sunday 10 November 2019, as an initiative of Popunie Zuid-Holland.