Join IFFR Young Network to discover the importance of putting identity into one’s creative work through the lens of two amazing Arab filmmakers. During this masterclass, you will get the opportunity to deconstruct the filming processes and themes of their respective films: Truth Within (2013), In Exile (2017) by Randa Nassar, and Before I Forget (2018) by Razan Hassan.

Randa Nassar is a Palestinian-Dutch teacher and filmmaker who will discuss the important role that her Palestinian identity plays in her works. Randa will deconstruct the process of shooting, editing and producing. Razan Hassan is a young Syrian filmmaker from the Nederlandse Film Academy. Together we will watch her beautiful and raw documentary, comprised of video snippets of her archived childhood memories in Syria.

In the spirit of the Young Network, the screening will be followed by an insightful discussion and Q&A session which stimulates interactions between the audience and the filmmakers themselves.

Thu 21 Nov 2019, 19:00 hrs, Roodkapje, Delftseplein 39, Rotterdam, €7

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IFFR Young Network

The IFFR Young Network brings together young film lovers (between the ages of 16 and 25) to get inspired and share their experiences. This platform organises intimate gatherings with film workshops and guest lessons, both during the festival and throughout the year. Professionals are invited to share their knowledge about the many aspects of filmmaking: from scriptwriting and directing to post-production and editing. This way, the network opens the doors to the film world for a young and diverse group of enthusiasts.