Watch films with Earcatch & Subcatch

As a leading cultural platform we strive to be accessible to all and we are working to ensure that everybody who wants to join us to celebrate film can visit the festival and watch IFFR films.

IFFR 2023 films available on Earcatch & Subcatch

A selection of films from our programme are accessible for visitors with a visual or hearing impairment with the free Subcatch (SDH) and Earcatch (audio description) apps. Subcatch is an app with special subtitles for Dutch-language cinema films and documentaries, so that deaf and hard-of-hearing people can also follow them. Earcatch is an app that ensures that people with a visual impairment can also enjoy films, series and performances, in the cinema, in the theater or at home on the couch. A voice describes what is happening on screen between the dialogues.

During IFFR 2023, Goodbye Stranger by Aaron Rookus and Mascotte by Remy van Heugten both have audio description in Earcatch and subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing in Subcatch. 


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Do you need help planning your IFFR visit?

We understand that the environment of the festival can be overwhelming and stressful for some visitors. If you wish to receive advice about which screenings and performances will be quieter or less attended, please contact [email protected] 

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