Audience-related jobs

Volunteers in audience related jobs represent the festival to our audience. Their kind and helpful attitude ensures the audience is well informed and makes them feel right at home at IFFR. 

Catering crew

We are looking for people who have experience with working in a bar and/or preparing coffees. You will work in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg during events and film sctreenings as well as the parties, mainly in the afternoon and evenings.

Is great because: you work in a fun atmosphere and with a nice team. Moreover, serving drinks and preparing coffees is a very thankful job.

You'll need: it is very important to be friendly, look respectful and have a hands-on mentality. Bar experience and/or skills to prepare coffees are required. 

Screening attendants (FULL)

Check tickets at the countless number of screening rooms and look after the auditorium before, during and after a film screening. As a screening attendant you will also be asked to be the host of a film location. Make sure the visitors feel welcome and answer any questions they might have. Your job is to complete the film experience for both guest and audience with a warm welcome and a kind smile.

Is great because: you're in direct contact with our audience and you are, like no other, the face of the festival. You stand in the midst of the festival and will have the full festival experience.

You'll need: as a screening attendant, you are selected on your hospitality and creating a great IFFR experience. Therefore it is important that you have a friendly attitude and a good personal appearance.

Audience assistants (FULL)

Work at our main festival location de Doelen. They check tickets at film screenings, but also take extra special care of our guests at the great number of drinks, dinners and lunches. You may also work in the cloak room of 'De Doelen'.

Is great because: your work is very diverse. You'll be doing something different every day and will come to work with a wide range of different people.

You'll need: a good dose of flexibility. You will be asked to perform a lot of different tasks.

Party crew

As a party crew member, you will work late in the evening. Together with your team members and the bar crew you are responsible for IFFR's 'film parties' in de Rotterdamse Schouwburg. You will be assisting the audience, manning the cloakroom, collecting empty glasses and make sure the audience has a night to remember. Please note: you will not be serving drinks!

Is great because: you will be working on the most exciting place of the festival and experience the Rotterdamse Schouwburg nights as no one else. Additional advantages are that you have plenty of time to watch films during the day and because you'll be working night shifts you'll get a crew badge after six shifts instead of ten.

You'll need: not to be a morning person, a hands-on mentality and know what makes a party a great one! 

(Other audience-related jobs require a sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language. Check them out on our Dutch page)


As a member of the Serviceteam you work closely together with the Screening attendants and the Box office volunteers. You help out with any problems that might arise with the scanning of e-tickets. 
Is great because: you're in direct contact with our audience and you'll stand in the midst of the festival allowing for the full festival experience. Aside from that you get to help people with e-ticket related problems.
You'll need: problem solving capabilities and a customer oriented attitude. You'll receive a scanner training before the start of the festival. 

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