vfonds Freedomline

In the vfonds Freedomline, filmmakers fighting for peace and freedom are given a stage. The films in this special show that freedom and equality cannot be taken for granted and thus broaden your view of the world. They are all gripping, powerful films that stimulate dialogue. Vfonds is committed to the democratic rule of law and a peaceful society and is therefore a partner of IFFR.


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vfonds Freedomline selection 2023

How to purchase discount tickets

How does it work?

When ordering a ticket, the voucher code can be entered at the checkout. Once you have done this, you can order one ticket per film at a €0 rate. The special rate will appear. You will receive an e-ticket by email immediately after your order. 

Didn't win a voucher code? Of course it is also possible to order a ticket yourself! You can order your tickets online and after purchasing the tickets you will receive an email with your purchases. 

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