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Vera Ixchel Ruiz Acevedo

Lanzando Lázaros – México


Lanzando Lázaros is an independent production company based in Guanajuato, Mexico founded by Ashley Fell and Michael James Wright in 2016.It currently works on the development of feature, short and documentary films of different genres, narrators, and realities, as well as providing services and content generation for multiple platforms. Formed by a team whose first language was  documentary cinema, Lanzando Lazaros has started developing feature films which try to enhance documentary realities with attractive, visually compelling fictional narratives, through which directors and collaborators can create and transmit the stories that surround them. 

Producer and journalist Vera Acevedo grew up in León, México. After studying journalism at the University of Guadalajara, she has worked  as a reporter for different national media organisations and was the director of Lab/KinoRoom/GTO 2018, a filmmaking lab in collaboration with the University of Guanajuato. Since 2017 she has been a producer and project manager at Lanzando Lázaros, a company with which she has developed different projects, including Cocina de Herencia, their latest documentary on Guanajuato traditional gastronomy. She has worked on  more than 20 projects as a producer, developer, art director, production assistant and even actress. Currently she is  producing a documentary directed by Alexander de Graaf,which narrates the life and work of his father Gijs, a talented Dutch musician and a survivor of World War II, who to this day is considered the best harpsichord builder and luthier in México and Latin America.

Current Projects 

In development
What We Do with Our Own by Michael James Wright (Historical fiction-nonfiction).
Flowersong of the Women of Chalco by Charles de Graaf & Gabriel Pareyon (Nahuatl historical drama)

In production
Inflection Point by Alexander de Graaf (Musical documentary)

In post-production
Being there by Carlo Olmos Carrillo (Video dance documentary)

Cocina de Herencia by Ashley Fell & Michael James Wright, 2019-2020 (Culinary documentary)

Vera Ixchel Ruiz Acevedo

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