Tips for ticket sales and physical screenings

Buying tickets for the physical programme is basically the same as any ‘regular’ festival edition. But there are some restrictions and measures to be aware of. Public safety is a priority and capacity is low.

Create or log in to your account on IFFR.com

Before you start browsing the programme, we recommend you create an account on IFFR.com (if you don’t have one already). To purchase tickets for online and physical film screenings, it is necessary to create a personal account on IFFR.com. Purchasing tickets without an account is not possible. In addition, an account makes it easier to remember your programme preferences: you can already add favourites via the programme or the IFFR Film Finder and quickly find back the films that you find interesting.

In advance of ticket sales: Favourite films and add screenings to your Agenda

All film titles for June 2021 are announced on 20 May 2021. Do you see a film that you like? Then you can add it to your Favourites overview in your account environment. The programme schedule will also be published on Thursday 20 May, when you can create your personal Agenda with physical screenings for all your favourited films. The IFFR Programmabijlage (programme publication) can also be found in de Volkskrant on that day.

Book your tickets for physical screenings

General ticket sales start on Friday, 21 May at 20:00 hours. Tiger Members are allowed to purchase tickets a day earlier. Before you buy a ticket for a film, you have to decide how you want to watch it: a physical screening or online. You can choose from two options for each film: physical screening or on demand (on demand is available until 9 June). Please note: there is a price difference between these two options. A ticket for a physical screening costs €12, a ticket for an on demand screening costs €8,50. Various discounts are available.

Click the red ‘tickets’ button for the physical screening (blue label) or on demand screening (orange label) of your choice. The ticket will now be placed in your shopping cart. If you have selected all the tickets you are interested in, you can complete your purchase in one go. IFFR tickets in the bag!

Please note: you can buy a maximum of 20 tickets per screening. For the physical programme at our festival location (Art Directions) it is necessary to reserve a time slot online. There is no restriction for online programmes.

Have your ticket scanned at the festival location

Your ticket for a screening at one of our festival locations will be added to your account. You will receive an email with a link to the e-ticket. The ticket can be scanned at the venue. If you are a Tiger Member, you can also have your digital membership pass scanned at the venue (no physical cards will be printed for IFFR 2021). 

Please note: Physical festival programming and our Covid-19 regulations are susceptible to change. Read our Covid-19 safety protocol before buying tickets and again before visiting the festival.

In order to visit the festival on 2, 3 and 4 June you are required to present a negative coronavirus test via testenvoortoegang.nl. That would mean that all visitors need to get tested within 40 hours of the event. Restrictions are set to lift further on 5 June. Rapid testing will no longer be required on 5 and 6 June. Capacity in the screening rooms will be limited. More information about this on this page.  

Stay up-to-date

You can read the most up-to-date information about your visit to the festival on IFFR.com, or one of our social media channels: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Do you have more questions?

Ask your questions in the live chat at the bottom of your screen.