Tips for ticket sales and online screenings

Access to IFFR online screenings works differently than you are used to at a physical festival. For example, you do not have to show a ticket at the door, but you have to log in with the account that you used when purchasing the tickets. Also, you don't have to purchase a ticket for everyone of your fellow film enthusiasts if they want to join. In short: an online festival visit takes some time getting used to. These are the steps you need to take to watch an online programme.

Please note: our official selection for June 2021 can only be viewed online from within the Netherlands. The only exceptions within the IFFR 2021 June programme are the Big Talks and IFFR Daily Stream, see below.

Create or log into your account on IFFR.com

Before you start browsing the programme, we recommend you create an account on IFFR.com (if you don’t have one already). Tickets you have purchased are linked to your personal account, and you need to be logged into your account to find the link to the stream. In addition, an account makes it easier to remember your programme preferences: you can already favourites via the programme page or the IFFR Film Finder and quickly find back the films you find interesting.

In advance of ticket sales: Favourite films and add screenings to your Agenda

On 20 May 2021, we announced all film titles for June 2021. Has a film caught your eye? Add it to your favourites overview in the account environment.

We will be announcing the programme schedule on Thursday, 20 May. From then on, you can add your favourite films to your personal Agenda with screenings and films on demand. On that day, the IFFR Programmabijlage will also be published in de Volkskrant and in de Volkskrant app.

Book your tickets for on demand screenings

Ticket sales begin on Friday, 21 May at 20:00 (CET). Tiger Members can purchase tickets one day earlier. Before you buy a ticket for a film, you have to decide how you want to watch it: physical screening (blue label) or on demand and timed screening (orange label). Please note: there is a price difference between these two options. A ticket for the physical screening costs € 12, a ticket for an on-demand screening costs € 8.50. Various discounts are available.

Click the red ‘tickets’ button for the premiere or on demand screening of your choice. The ticket will now be placed in your shopping cart. If you have selected all the tickets you are interested in, you can complete your purchase in one go. IFFR tickets in the bag!

Please note: there are restrictions on physical screening tickets. You cannot buy more than 4 tickets for physical screenings and events per account. This limitation also applies to Tiger Members. There is no restriction for online programmes.

This is similar to purchasing regular festival tickets, but some things are different. You can only purchase one ticket for a film screening per IFFR account. Even when you’re not watching alone, one ticket provides you access to watch the film together on one screen – unlike when you buy tickets per seat in a cinema.

How to stream the film

To access the film screening, you do not need an e-ticket. Tickets for on demand screenings you have purchased are linked to your personal account. Log into your account and go to your Agenda to find the link to the stream as soon as it is available. Find all your screenings in the Agenda, where you can access the stream using the yellow ‘Watch now’ button. You can also access the screening by navigating to the film page – search the film title on IFFR.com to find the film or event. The red ‘tickets’ button has now been replaced by a yellow button which will give you access to the stream.

When can I start watching the film?

Timed screenings can be accessed from 20 minutes before the beginning of the film. You can start an on-demand programme yourself at any time within 72 hours in which the programme is available. Please note: After you start the movie, you have 24 hours to watch the movie (within the 72-hour window). If you start the film just before the end of this period, you can watch it, but you cannot leave the stream or refresh your browser. The available period expires while you are watching.

Still have questions?

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