Tiger Friends Preview 2018

Friends of IFFR can once again take a sneak peek of the upcoming programme. The Tiger Friends Preview of Tuesday 12 December is a unique opportunity to get a taste of the IFFR 2018 programme. This exclusive evening in KINO for all Tiger Friends will feature a preview of the festival with the very first screening of festival film Western by Valeska Grisebach.

A group of German construction workers sets off for Bulgaria to build a hydropower plant in a remote mountain area. They soon come into contact with the local population. Shot in a style similar to that of a documentary and with a cast of amateurs, Grisebach's film shows what happens when cultural differences and language barriers become problematic, and the tension between two groups – and between the workers themselves – rises. 
Both the film's title and its protagonist Meinhard are references to the genre of the western film. Meinhard is a taciturn character, who tries to keep the peace by avoiding conflict and seeking harmony – not unlike a sheriff.
Western was one of the highlights of the last Cannes Film Festival.

Enjoy the film together? Tiger Friends may purchase one extra ticket for the Tiger Friends price of €8.

If you are not a Tiger Friend yet, but would like to take advantage of these and other privileges: join the club via IFFR.com/tigerfriends, purchase your ticket for the Tiger Friends Preview and start enjoying all corresponding benefits, including priority for January's ticket sales!

  • Tiger Friends Preview 2018
  • Tiger Friends Preview 2018
  • Tiger Friends Preview 2018