Tiger Competition

In 2021, the Tiger Competition will be brought further to the fore with an increased number of films to create a richer mosaic of diverse voices.

The competition was founded in 1995 with the aim of discovering, raising the profile of and rewarding up-and-coming international film talent. The Tiger Award is accompanied by a €40,000 cash prize, to be shared between the director and producer of the winning film. Two Special Jury Awards worth €10,000 each will also be presented for an exceptional artistic achievement within the competition. Equally important is the international recognition for the nominees and their works that a Tiger Competition nomination brings with it. The Tiger Awards are an indispensable backdrop for many filmmakers: it can be the final step to convince financiers to allow a next project.

Winners per edition

The Cloud in Her Room by Zheng Lu Xinyuan
Special Jury Award: Beasts Clawing at Straws by Kim Yonghoon

by Zhu Shengze
Special Jury Award: Take Me Somewhere Nice by Ena Sendijarević

The Widowed Witch by Cai Chengjie
Special Jury Award: the screenplay of The Reports on Sarah and Saleem, written by Rami Alayan

Sexy Durga
 by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan
Special Jury Award: Rey by Niles Atallah

Radio Dreams
by Babak Jalali
Special Jury Award: La última tierra by Pablo Lamar, for exceptional artistic achievement in sound design

La obra del siglo
by Carlos M. Quintela
Videophilia (and Other Viral Syndromes) by Juan Daniel F. Molero
Vanishing Point by Jakrawal Nilthamrong

Anatomy of a Paper Clip
by Ikeda Akira
Han Gong-Ju by Lee Su-Jin
Something Must Break by Ester Martin Bergsmark

Fat Shaker
by Mohammad Shirvani
My Dog Killer by Mira Fornay
Soldate Jeannette by Daniel Hoesl

by Maja Miloš
De jueves a domingo by Dominga Sotomayor
Egg and Stone by Huang Ji

Tee-rak / Eternity
by Sivaroj Kongsakul
Musan il-gy / The Journals of Musan by Park Jung-Bum
Finisterrae by Sergio Caballero

Mundane History
 by Anocha Suwichakornpong
Alamar by Pedro González-Rubio
Agua fría de mar by Paz Fábrega

Be Calm and Count to Seven by Ramtin Ravafipour
Breathless by Yang Ik-June
Wrong Rosary by Mahmut Fazil Coskun

Flower in the Pocket by Liew Seng Tat
Go with Peace Jamil by Omar Shargawi
Wonderful Town by Aditya Assarat

Love Conquers All by Tan Chui Mui
Die Unerzogenen by Pia Marais

Ex aequo:
AFR by Morten Hartz Kaplers
Bog Of Beasts by Claudio Assis

Old Joy
by Kelly Reichardt
La Perrera by Manuel Nieto Zas
Walking On the Wild Side by Han Jie

by Ilya Khrzhanovsky
El cielo gira by Mercedes Alvarez
Nemmeno il destino by Daniele Gaglianone

Speciale vermeldingen voor:
Bride of Silence by Doan Minh Phuong & Doan Thanh Nhgia
Sanctuary by Ho Yuhang

The Missing by Lee Kang-sheng
Summer in the Golden Valley by Srdjan Vuletic
Unterwegs by Jan Krueger

by Santiago Loza
Jealousy Is My Middle Name by Park Chan-Ok
With Love. Lilya by Larisa Sadilova

Everyday God Kisses Us On The Mouth
by Sinisa Dragin
Tussenland by Eugenie Jansen
Wild Bees by Bohhdan Slama

25 Watts
by Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll
Bad Company by Furumaya Tomoyuki
In den Tag hinein by Maria Speth

Bye Bye Blue Bird
by Katrin Ottarsdottír
Mundo grúa by Pablo Trapero
Suzhou River by Lou Ye

by Christopher Nolan
The Iron Heel of Oligarchy by Alexander Bashirov 
Plus qu'hier, moins que demain by Laurent Achard

Die Siebtelbauern
by Stefan Ruzowitzky
Giro di Lune tra terra e mare by Giuseppe Gaudino
Knoflíkari by Petr Zelenka

The Day a Pig Fell into the Well by Hung Sang-Soo
Last Holiday by Amir Karakulov
Robinson in Space by Patrick Keiller

Erzi by Zhang Yuan 
Like Grains of Sand by Hasiguchi Ryosuke
Small Faces by Gillies MacKinnon

Fuyu no kappa by Kazama Shiori
Postman by He Jianjun
Thalassa, Thalassa, Rückkehr zum Meer by Bogdan Dumitrescu