Tiger Competition Press Conferences 2022

During IFFR 2022, we will host four press conferences with Tiger Competition filmmakers. Each day, filmmakers from 3 to 4 titles from the Tiger Competition selection will have a conversation with festival director Vanja Kaludjercic, followed by a Q&A session with the press. Watch the press conferences here.

Tiger Competition Press Conference Part 1

Part 1 on Saturday 29 January at 11:00 (CET) presents filmmakers Lei Lei (Silver Bird and Rainbow Fish), Yamasaki Juichiro (Yamabuki), David Easteal (The Plains), and Renaud Després-Larose & Ana Tapia Rousiouk (Le rêve et la radio)

Tiger Competition Press Conference Part 2

Part 2 on Sunday 30 January at 11:00 (CET) presents filmmakers Maria Ignatenko (Achrome), Gao Linyang (To Love Again), Morgane Dziurla-Petit  (Excess Will Save Us), Mara Polgovsky & Eugenio Polgovsky (Malintzin 17)

Tiger Competition Press Conference Part 3

Part 3 on Monday 31 at 11:00 (CET) January presents filmmakers Paz Encina (EAMI), Sam de Jong  (Met mes), Roee Rosen (Kafka for Kids)

Tiger Competition Press Conference Part 4

Part 4 on Tuesday 1 February at 11:00 (CET) presents filmmakers Marguerite de Hillerin & Félix Dutilloy-Liégeois (A criança), Roberto Doveris (Proyecto Fantasma), Rahat Mahajan (The Cloud Messenger)