The fiscal aspects of donating

When you become a member of the Tiger Film Mecenaat, your donation will be used entirely for the benefit of filmmakers’ projects by the Hubert Bals Fund. This is because, due to its ANBI status the festival is not liable for donation tax. If the donation is periodic (for at least five years) then it is fully tax deductible. With the maximum tax rate of 46% and the multiplier of 125%, a donation of €2,500 actually costs only €1,062. If you opt for a Hubert Bals Fund Fellowship of €10,000, you will get a net gift of €4,825 with a 46% rate.

You do not have to have your donation recorded by a notary public. This can be effected much more easily using an agreement drawn up by the festival.

If you have any questions concerning the Tiger Film Mecenaat or entering into an agreement, feel free to contact Nicole van der Meer by calling +31 (0)10 890 90 90 or send an email to [email protected].

You can also join the Tiger Film Mecenaat by including the Hubert Bals Fund in your testament.

Here you can read what a legacy entails for later