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Tetsuya Ohashi

CinemaLeap Inc. – Japan


CinemaLeap Inc is a company that produces and distributes VR and short films. Their previous VR animations Feather (2019) and Beat (2020), directed by Keisuke Itoh, were  selected for the  Venice International Film Festival. Currently they are in the development stage of their first feature film Paraiso, directed by Masato Ozawa. CinemaLeap will organise Japan's first international VR film festival Beyond the Frame Festival in February 2021.

Tetsuya Ohashi is a producer and a CEO of CinemaLeap Inc in Japan. He worked as a Business director at Pacific Voice Inc, which is the organiser of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia. He founded CinemaLeap Inc in 2019 and has produced and distributed VR films and short films. He is now in the development of his first feature film Paraiso directed by Masato Ozawa.

Current Projects 

In development
Paraiso by Masato Ozawa (Feature film)

In production
Clap by Keisuke Itoh (VR animation)

Feather by Keisuke Itoh, 2019 (VR animation)
Beat by Keisuke Itoh, 2020 (VR animation)

Tetsuya Ohashi

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