Tessa Rose Jackson

Tessa Rose Jackson is an Amsterdam-based composer, producer and singer. When working for film, she often collaborates with her partner - composer Darius Timmer - under the name ‘Tiny Tiger’. Working from her home studio, Jackson loves creating music in a broad variety of styles. From psychedelic pop to eerie synthesizer soundscapes, full-on orchestral score to quirky banjo and bells reminiscent of Wes Anderson. Not only this, but she is a pure-hearted movie lover and is passionate about creating music that enhances a film’s storytelling and sense of style.

Jackson has been composing for commercials since 2009, through music agency Sizzer Amsterdam. She provided the music for large-scale campaigns of (amongst others) Audi, IKEA, Turkish Airlines and Volkswagen. But her true passion is creating music for narrative film. In 2017 she composed the score for Steffen & Flip’s feature film Ron Goossens: Low Budget Stuntman, and happily created two French chansons for an episode of their new series ‘Random Shit’ in 2019.

  • Tessa Rose Jackson

She also releases her own psychedelic pop music (and visual art) under the name Someone. The music (often co-produced by Timmer) is inherently cinematic of nature. In 2018, her song ‘Forget Forgive’ was used by independent mini-series Impact and Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’.

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