Tessa Rose Jackson


Tessa Rose Jackson is an Amsterdam-based composer, producer and singer. When working for film, she often collaborates with her partner - composer Darius Timmer - under the name ‘Tiny Tiger’. Working from her home studio, Jackson loves creating music in a broad variety of styles. From psychedelic pop to eerie synthesizer soundscapes, full-on orchestral score to quirky banjo and bells reminiscent of Wes Anderson. Not only this, but she is a pure-hearted movie lover and is passionate about creating music that enhances a film’s storytelling and sense of style.

Jackson has been composing for commercials since 2009, through music agency Sizzer Amsterdam. She provided the music for large-scale campaigns of (amongst others) Audi, IKEA, Turkish Airlines and Volkswagen. But her true passion is creating music for narrative film. In 2017 she composed the score for Steffen & Flip’s feature film Ron Goossens: Low Budget Stuntman, and happily created two French chansons for an episode of their new series ‘Random Shit’ in 2019.

She also releases her own psychedelic pop music (and visual art) under the name Someone. The music (often co-produced by Timmer) is inherently cinematic of nature. In 2018, her song ‘Forget Forgive’ was used by independent mini-series Impact and Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’.