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Su-Jin Song

Su-Jin Song is a writer, director and producer based in Germany. She studied creative producing at the ifs international film school Cologne and completed her master in game development & research at the Cologne Game Lab. She worked as a producer for international co-productions between Germany, USA and South Korea and lived two years in Seoul working for the Korean TV and film industry. Su-Jin is currently developing two feature films, The Fragrance of Time and Gemini, and Sol, a hybrid coming-of-age film between live action and animation, co-productions between Europe and Asia. In addition, Su-Jin Song also teaches and researches at the Cologne Game Lab. The main topics in her academic work in the field of media and game studies are migration, gender and identity.

autumn song production - Germany

autumn song production is a creative studio and collective of filmmakers and researchers, founded by Su-Jin Song producing films, series and interactive formats with a special focus on spotlighting and original stories about hybrid cultures and post-migrant identities by and with black, indigenous and people of color. Su-Jin Song develops and produces award winning shorts, feature films and series with autumn song production and in collaboration with other filmmakers on the edge of documentary and fiction. Autumn song production actively promotes diversity in film, in front of and behind the camera, in national and international productions.


Projects in development

The Fragrance Of Time (Der Duft der Zeit) by Su-Jin Song (feature)

Gemini by Jamin Luu & Su-Jin Song (feature)         

Sol by Su-Jin Song (feature animation)

Nana by Jasmin Luu & Su-Jin Song (short)


Projects in production

Salt & Silver – Fire Water Wind by Su-Jin Song (documentary feature)


Projects in post-production

Insomnia by Su-Jin Song (short)


Released films

Carolin Kebekus und das DCKS Festival – Frauen auf die Mainstage! by Su-Jin Song (documentary feature)

Louis I.: King of the Sheep by Markus Wulf (short animation)

Seoul Song by Su-Jin Song (documentary short)

Refugee Roads by Timo Schmidt, Florian Volz (documentary series)

Our Mother (Unsere Eomeoni) by Su-Jin Song (documentary feature)

Two Heartbeats (Doppelter Herzschlag) by Su-Jin Song (documentary feature)

SuJin Song

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