In January IFFR establishes a meeting place for creatives, artists, filmmakers and other professionals. IFFR is happy to facilitate the encounter of great minds and the exchange of ideas. It is an excellent place for students to enter the professional realm en get inspired. There are multiple programmes in which students can be introduced to the festival.

IFFR Academy

IFFR Academy is renewed! This year IFFR not only presents an exclusive programme for students but also offers an IFFR Academy accreditation by which students are able to attend every film, masterclass and exhibition of the festival. IFFR Academy allows students to get acquainted with the festival and its guests and at the same time broadens their cultural horizons.

27 January - 31 January 2020

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Arts & Film Student Day 

In Arts & Film Student Day, a full-day event held on Monday, January 28th, guest film-makers speak about their short films, students will be invited to screenings of shorts from this year’s Tiger Awards competition as well as features from the wider programme. The day will conclude with an informal ‘Meet the Programmer’ session, where students will have the chance to meet, mingle and engage in discussion with members of IFFR’s programming department. 

27 January 2020

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IFFR Sessions

New for our next festival edition is IFFR Sessions: a series of discursive ‘sessions’ in which selected participants will take part in workshops designed for discussion and learning, taking place daily over the first weekend of IFFR 2020. 

23 - 27 January 2020

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