Short Film 2017


As a central part of the festival, IFFR Short Film is a unique showcase of artists’ moving image and experimental film for works under 60 minutes. Shown on a variety of formats from 3D to 35mm film, it is a celebration of film and video in all their forms.

At this page the line-up of all selected short films for IFFR 2017 will be presented. Towards the festival this page will be updated frequently in order to serve as an ideal navigation page.

(Last update 20 February 2017)

Recap 2017: 

The total selection of short films at IFFR 2017:

Tiger Competition for Short Films

Established in 2005, the Tiger Competition for Short Films presents cinema under 60 minutes in all its forms: fiction, documentary, essay film, animation and more. Brand new films from all around the world are presented to enthusiastic audiences and a jury of three international film professionals.

Tiger competition for Short Films 1

This programme features new works by Makino Takashi, Lawrence Abu Hamdan and Prantik Basu.

Tiger Competition for Short Films 2

This programme highlights new work from Jorge Cadena, Esther Urlus, Laure Prouvost and Su Hui-yu.

Tiger Competition for Short Films 3

This programme consists of new works by Maria Zennström, Rosa Barba, Basim Magdy, Serge Onnen and Sverre Fredriksen.

Tiger Competition for Short Films 4

This programme focuses on new work by Sebastián Diaz Morales, Gao Yuan, Laura Kraning and Vladlena Sandu.

Tiger Competition for Short Films 5

New work by Ico Costa, Simon Fujiwara, Manuela de Laborde and Metahaven in this programme.

Tiger Competition for Short Films 6

Programme of new work by Lois Patiño, Cécile B. Evans, Siegfried A. Fruhauf and Omer Fast.

  • Fajr by Lois Patiño, Spain/Morocco, 12', WP
  • What the Heart Wants by Cécile B. Evans, Germany/UK/Belgium/Australia, 41', WP
  • Fuddy Duddy by Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Austria, 5', IP
  • August by Omer Fast, Germany, 16', WP

Bright Future Short

IFFR presents short films in curated compilation programmes but also as part of performances, installations and in conjunction with feature films. The selection covers a spectrum of moving image practice that includes auteur-driven narrative works, experimental films, works by visual artists and films that refuse to be pinpointed to existing genres or styles. Bright Future’s Shorts programme focuses on experimental driven films.

Up Close and Out of Reach

About the exceptional relationship between filmmakers and artists and their subjects, particularly humans. How close can you, are you allowed to, should you, do you want to get to someone when looking for the essence? And what happens when you think you have reached it?

Behind the Facade

An interior, a sheet of paper, a car-free motorway and a bright blue sky explode in a surfeit of colour. Precise observations, scintillating rituals and curious conversations remove the mask.

Languages, Gestures, Movements

Communication is key. Bridging cultural differences with language skills alone is hard, if not impossible. Listen to the emphases and nuances, view the poetry in word and gesture. Technology may help, but can also get in the way, hogging the limelight.

Mythical Ifs

Sometimes what seems out of reach is right within our grasp. Not letting space limit their motion and thoughts, the subjects of these films twist mythical ifs into something we can touch.

Living Archive

It’s astounding how much humans want to hold onto and record the world around us and our place in it. These filmmakers and artists go beyond that. They conversely leave out information, filter, select and organise differently. Their specialities are constructing narratives, distilling meaning from footage or shifting shoot

Obstructed Landscape

Sublime landscapes: fascinating and terrifying at the same time. Sometimes the view is obstructed by an historical event, a natural phenomenon, a personal vision, the gaze of the media, ambiguous images.

(In)definite Views

We don't often think about how we see. From augmented reality to bioanalysis of perception, these four films reconsider how we look at the world and question the nature of seeing.

Cardinal Directions

Movement because it’s possible, because you have to, because you are dragged along in search of a new country. From historic contemplations and an abstract road trip to waiting for freedom; the various tempos pull you along and allow you to pause for a moment.

Forces of Nature 

Our earth is being turned inside out, peeled apart and burnt up from the inside. What does the future hold in store: a new equilibrium with renewed biodiversity or just a disaster? Simon & Garfunkel have put their money on the latter.

Signs of Life

Signs of life can be found in the most unusual places: in a volcano, a sound booth, the graveyards of a Haitian village, and in swarms of pixels that fill the frame.

Panta Rhei

Film is beautiful, film is wonderful, but - above all - film is tangible. Filmmakers go travelling with their cameras incorporating saturated colours, flicker effects, dust and other imperfections into their visual language.


Voices Short Film

Narrative driven short stories

Short Stories: Thicker Than Water

A car ride like any other, a night on the beach, an abandoned crane and babysitting with illuminated shoes. Our closest relationships are the most challenging, but the characters in these films are coping in their own unique way.

The Brother 

Short Stories: Mental Picture 

Four daring cinematic statements about longing, loss and the deep impression some memories and desires leave in our mind.


Short Stories: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Four new beginnings, four stories of the isolation that prevails. Unresolved matters are complicating things and confronting them is never easy.


Short Stories: Personal Distance

A city, a moving box, an apartment and a hospital bed constitute the fragile territories you enter in this stylistically diverse programme on metropolitan intimacy. 

The House or a Machine for Living in

Deep Focus Short

The Short Specials section within Deep Focus presents retrospectives of invited filmmakers. It also presents Artist Talks, a series of lectures by invited filmmakers and artists, open for all audiences.

Nuts & Bolts: Sound systems

Informed by research and even hardcore science, these demonstrations of acoustic inventiveness illustrate that there are still original methods and techniques for opening up the universe of sound.

Regained: Homeless Movies

Six young artists created a new work based on The House of Alijn's collection of amateur films. The project elicits questions concerning the evolution of image culture, identity, media usage and memory.

Regained: 1917 – Europe’s Optical Illusion

Regained: Family of Man

Vintage political paranoia from Belgium, Eisenstein’s posthumous outing as a homosexual, a mountain of mutilated female bodies and a Brazilian family album. On the psychology of collecting and the dangerous tendency to also categorise people.

Regained: where were we

Since television and later the world wide web have radically altered our notion of time and space, our sense of experiencing the world has also changed. These essayistic short films from around the globe invite meditation on how we inhabit this planet, both on the surface and below.

Regained: Imai Norio: Time Severed, Jointed and Stretched

Joost Rekveld: The Motors of Invention

Many of Joost Rekveld's early films find their inspiration in fundamental characteristics of the film apparatus. This programme provides an overview of the development of this strand in Rekveld's work.


  • #2 by Joost Rekveld, 12'
  • VRFLM by Joost Rekveld, 2'
  • #3 by Joost Rekveld, 4'
  • #7 by Joost Rekveld, 32'
  • #5 by Joost Rekveld, 6'
  • #11 Marey  by Joost Rekveld, 21'

Joost Rekveld: Light Matters

These four films show the evolution in Rekveld's focus on light and deal in very different ways with the interaction between light and matter.


Su Hui-yu: The Midnight Hours

Midnight is when artist Su Hui-yu is most awake. Walking through the haze of Taiwan’s history, he finds naked bodies telling stories of oppressed sexual thoughts. Most titles in this compilation programme will be shown for the first time in a film festival. Su Hui-yu is also selected in the Tiger Competition for Short Films with Super Taboo


Perspectives Short

Black Rebels: Afro Future

Historical overviews are often painful for people of colour. Looking to the future keeps hope alive, but the present always has roots in the past.

Black Rebels: Freestyle

Experimental space for idiosyncratic artists who make their own rules. They also depict how rules can be broken using their own, unique imagery.

Black Rebels: Let Love Rule

A loving manifesto aimed at turning every nation, community and individual into a State of Love. Stop fighting and let love rule in all its shapes and guises!

Black Rebels: Twilight City

Shrouded in dusk, a meditative glimpse of London in the Thatcher era. A fictional letter and reflections by British cultural critics and activists clarify the complex fabric of the city. This documentary by the co-founder of the Black Audio Film Collective is introduced by June Givanni, former head of the African Caribbean Unit of the British Film Institute.

Picture Palestine: Minutes, Myth and Treason

Mythologies of resistance meet sci-fi dystopias and the realities of occupation and war.

Picture Palestine: Ruptured Chronologies

A filmic political timeline that intersects with the tumultuous developments from the First Intifada and the Oslo Accords to the uncertain present and a speculative future.

Dinamo screening


IFFR invited 16 independent distributors of video art and experimental film from the DINAMO network to each submit a film title on the theme 'borderless'. 

Troublemaker on the Frequency


IFFR invited 16 independent distributors of video art and experimental film from the DINAMO network to each submit a film title on the theme 'black & white'.

Rodney King



A number of supporting films that have their global or international premieres at IFFR 2017 collected in a single programme.

Greetings from Aleppo

Other preludes

El Becerro Pintado