RTM 2018

All day long, LantarenVenster will be totally 010, with non-stop screenings in every cinema of the best of what is currently being made in Rotterdam, as well as everything else we look back on with fondness. Including fresh new work, YouTube pearls, feature films and music videos. But also exceptional archive footage, nostalgic shizzle (Nighttown! Saxman!) and a few straigt-up classics. From filmmaking tram drivers to Ice Cube on the West-Kruiskade. Documentaries, fiction films, art – all of it 100% Rotterdam. And with sidebar exhibitions, music and talks. Artist Gyz la Rivière leads you through Rotterdam as a film set using clips from Rotterdam-made films. A panel will probe the question: how on earth can I, as a Rotterdam-based filmmaker, get my film out into the big wide world?

The programme of RTM 2019 will be online on 16 January! Until then, enjoy the RTM selection of IFFR 2018. 

Full programme on Friday 26 January