Rotterdam Music Videos

Rotterdam Music Videos – various directors (2016-2018)

Delve into an eclectic collection of Made in Rotterdam video clips. Up-and-coming Rotterdam talent showing off their daring productions – and of course the city itself plays a significant role as a backdrop. In this programme:

Dichter – Voor Ons                                       
Director: Gijs Mortier

Jebroer & Anita Doth - Marathon                  
Director: Atlynn Vrolijk & Tatiana Stoute

The R – What's Going on (In Your Mind)     
Director: Ari Versluis

Director: Thomas de Rijk

De Likt - Finidi George                                   
Director: Max Siedentopf

Sevdaliza – Amandine Insensible                 
Director: Piet Langeveld

Jonna Fraser f/ Ronnie Flex & Idaly – Ik Zag Je Staan
Director: Len Chandra

The Sweet Release Of Death – 103             
Director: Annemiek Gouwen

Kevin – Op de Block                                      
Director: Selfmade Videos

Jozo f/ Heinek'n, Feis, Kevin & Hef – Streetlife
Director: Nelio Nascimento

Mr. Polska & Ronnie Flex – Ravotten           
Director: Atlynn Vrolijk & Lisette Donkersloot

Rico Greene – So Over You                         
Director: Nicolay Lima