Rotterdam Classics 2017

Musician João Silva (1929) from Cape Verde came to Rotterdam in the 1950s, set up the Morabeza-records label and released several LPs of numbers by various other Cape Verdean artists.

From Rotterdam, João Silva played a part in Cape Verde’s struggle for independence. Amílcar Cabral (leader of the independence movement) encouraged João Silva to secure the culture of the Cape Verde islands from Rotterdam. Silva: “My task was to keep the culture alive; our culture is our identity, we cannot lose it.”

His collection of music has now been obtained by the City Archives of Rotterdam and digitised, and on this festive evening will be handed over as part of a valuable cultural heritage to a representative of Cape Verde. In addition, a short film about Silva will be shown: Morabeza Records, een Kaapverdiaans platenlabel uit Rotterdam, made by Joop de Jong. Then, of course, there will be live music, food and drinks.