Regular support

It is possible to support IFFR’s mission on a regular basis by including the festival in your will or creating a Designated Fund.

Film feeds our imaginations, opens our eyes and enlarges our world. IFFR supports and stimulates free artistic production and acts as a catalyst for social discussion and debate. By adding IFFR to your will or setting up a Designated Fund, you can likewise contribute to a free, open society and create opportunities for people who help us to see differently.

There are three ways in which you can provide regular support to IFFR:

  • With a legacy, you can bequeath an amount set in advance, or (immoveable) property.
  • You can also appoint IFFR as one of your heirs through testamentary disposition. Heirs obtain their portion of the estate once all specific legacies, winding-up costs and debts have been deducted from the estate. This portion of the estate is variable because it depends on the size of the estate. You could, for example, leave a percentage of your estate to IFFR.
  • Through a Designated Fund, you can associate your name and legacy with a specific cause that is close to your heart. A good cause within a good cause – you can set up your Fund to take effect during life or after you have passed away.

Whichever form you choose, your legacy to IFFR is exempt from inheritance tax as we are designated an ‘institution for the promotion of the public interest’ [Dutch: Algemeen nut beogende instelling].

Designated Fund

A Designated Fund allows you to support IFFR and the Hubert Bals Fund on a regular basis. The Fund is given a name chosen by you and contributes to a cause of your choice. You could therefore contribute to the careers of individual filmmakers who are not getting the opportunities to allow independent film voices to be heard in their own countries, or you could ensure through your Fund that more (less privileged) children can visit the festival. You may attach great importance to IFFR’s unique position as an international icon for the city of Rotterdam, or be concerned about freedom of expression and democracy. Through your Designated Fund, you can give a future to the people and projects you feel connected to.

Tax benefits

It is easy to set up a Designated Fund. You can do this either through a donation agreement or through your will. As Stichting International Film Festival Rotterdam has been designated an ‘institution for the promotion of the public interest’, you will not pay any gift or inheritance tax on your Designated Fund. If you choose to make the donation in life, you will obtain the maximum tax benefits as your donation can be deducted in full from your taxable income. Stichting IFFR will ensure that your aims are realised and take care of the organisational and administrative matters for you.

Example of a Designated Fund

You can set up your own Fund with a contribution starting from € 50,000 (which can be spread over five years). You can either make an amount of €50,000 available as a lump sum, or have a regular donation made of €10,000 per year. In the case of a regular donation on the basis of an agreement, you are not bound by the statutory thresholds and your donation is 100% tax-deductible. So if you are in the highest income category, your donation means you will get €4,800 back from the Inland Revenue. You will not enjoy this benefit if you set up a Fund in your will.

Further information

If you would like to include IFFR in your will, but you have questions about the tax and legal aspects of your donation, feel free to contact our civil-law notary for no cost, no obligation advice. Our notary can also have your wishes drawn up in a will. Of course, you can also approach your own solicitor or civil-law notary for this.

Would you like to know more about International Film Festival Rotterdam or the work carried out by the Hubert Bals Fund? Do you have any specific wishes or would you like to discuss the various options available? IFFR is happy to invite you for a personal meeting: simply contact Susan Gloudemans, Head of Development, on T +31 (0)10 8909092.