Project Submission HBF+Europe: Minority Co-production Support

Requirements for submission

All applications for the HBF+Europe: Minority Co-production Support should be submitted by the application deadline of 1 April 2019. Applications should be submitted in digital form. The application consists of three components: a completed application form, a completed eligibility form andproject dossier. The full project dossier and eligibility form can be uploaded as an attachment to the application form in MyIFFR. Incomplete applications are not taken into consideration. 

Please note that the maximum size for uploading a project dossier through MyIFFR is 4,8 MB. If your file is larger, please send it to us by e-mail.

Required documentation

Eligibility form

To streamline your application and to make sure all required information is included, the HBF requests a completed eligibility form. The link to this form and the corresponding instructions can be found in the application form in MyIFFR.  

Full project dossier

In addition to the application form and the eligibility form, the HBF requests a full project dossier to be written in English, which consists of the following:

Project information

  • Synopsis
  • Final script
  • Director’s statement
  • Applicant statement

Background filmmaker and producer(s)

  • Biography and filmography of filmmaker
  • Biography and filmography of all producers attached
  • Previous work of filmmaker (e.g. (debut) feature film or short films). A maximum of two earlier works can be submitted per application, preferably digitally (e.g. Vimeo or YouTube) 

Co-production structure

  • A duly signed co-production agreement, containing detailed provisions on the following aspects of the co-production: 
    - A clear indication of the participation of each co-producer in the financing of the project;
    - Joint ownership of all the rights;
    - Sharing of the revenues between the co-producers (exclusive and/or shared territories);
    - Definition of the total budget, spending requirements and the strategy in the event of over-budget;
    - Reference to the treaties applicable.
  • Should a signed co-production agreement not yet be available, a signed deal memo may exceptionally be accepted in the application process, provided it contains detailed provisions on the aspects mentioned above. Please note that upon selection, a duly signed co-production agreement is required for the conclusion of the contract. 

Financial documentation (in EUR)

  • Detailed total budget
  • Detailed financing plan
  • A written financing strategy (including notification of pending applications with similar international co-production schemes funded by Creative Europe)
  • Letters of confirmation of secured financing
  • Expenditure plan in country of applicant, including motivation

Production schedule and distribution strategy

  • Production schedule
  • Release and distribution strategy 
  • If applicable: contracts or letters of intent of potential distribution partners

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