IFFR Unleashed

IFFR Unleashed helps selected festival films to find audiences through key Video On Demand (VOD) platforms around the world. It is a long-term commitment to help navigate the still confusing, and occasionally exasperating, on-demand landscape.

Filmmakers, producers and rights holders will be offered the tools to take control of their VOD release strategies, with the considerable benefit of being able to use the IFFR brand to boost their profile and bargaining power.

IFFR believes that the scheme will add to its overarching focus of being a year-round brand, using its expertise, resources and profile to create strong partnerships with filmmakers, platforms and a year-round link to film lovers.

Simultaneously, IFFR aims to provide insight into its exploration of the world of (alternative/do-it-yourself) distribution, sharing its expanding knowledge and setting out to provide filmmakers, producers and rights holders with new skills their future work could benefit from.

The key benefits of IFFR unleashed

  • IFFR Unleashed offers filmmakers and rights holders access and delivery to established VOD distribution platforms, starting with iTunes and Google Play, possibly adding more platforms at a later stage.
  • IFFR Unleashed provides rights holders with full control over the release of your film: they decide when, where and on which platform to release their film.
  • IFFR Unleashed offers marketing support through an IFFR branded iTunes store. We will also promote released films on our social media pages and website.
  • IFFR’s dedicated impact producer will work with rights holders in developing a marketing plan and finding audiences for their film.
  • Highest net revenue ensured as IFFR takes no share. Only platforms and aggregation partner may share, ensuring 50% net revenue and up.
  • No upfront expenses; IFFR Unleashed pre-finances the upload costs. These costs (a reduced partner rate of €375 for a feature film) will be recouped from first revenues.
  • Subtitles in the language of the country or territory in which you want release your film are offered at competitive rates.

For more information, please send an email to unleashed@iffr.com


  • Marit van den Elshout - Head of Industry
  • Melissa van der Schoor - manager
  • Marit Oprins - operations coordinator

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