CineMart project entry

Please note: the application form will be available from the first week of August; the deadline for submitting a project to CineMart is 16 September

The selection process for CineMart takes place in two phases. Please read our rules and regulations first.

Phase 1

  • After you have read and understood the CineMart rules and regulations, login to MyIFFR.
  • The application form will be available from the first week of August onwards up until 16 September on MyIFFR. This form will allow you to include detailed project information. For an overview of what information is requested, see here.
  • It is not possible to edit the form after you have submitted it to CineMart, so please be thorough and careful when filling it out.
  • Early October, the CineMart selection committee will reach a decision on all submitted forms. You will receive notification through e-mail if your project is pre-selected or not. It is not possible to appeal the committee’s pre-selection decisions.

Phase 2

  • If your project has been pre-selected, you are given one week to submit your full dossier (PDF or Word) by email and include previous work (online streaming). It is not possible to extend this one week period. The selection committee will reach their final decision on all pre-selected projects by early December 2016. You can find more information on which information to deliver when having been pre-selected here.

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