Athina Rachel Tsangari

Attenberg proves once again that Greek film is making great progress. Rebelliously designed and surprisingly structured narrative about a young woman (Labed, best actress in Venice), who prefers to look at human love from a distance. The director produced for instance the kindred Dogtooth.

Attenberg, the second feature by Athina Rachel Tsangari, opens with the picture of two women French kissing - at least they are trying to. Marina (23) is not experienced in the art of love and wants to know from her girlfriend Bella how it works. The lesson does not manage to persuade Marina that people do something so disgusting for fun.
In scenes that are occasionally hilarious, occasionally painful, sometimes moving, we see how Marina slowly learns more about love and sexuality. And about other girls, whom she studies the way David Attenborough looks at animals. In the meantime, she has to come to terms with the approaching death of her terminally ill father.
With a powerful leading role by Ariane Labed, who won the award for best actress in Venice, Attenberg is a surprising coming-of-age that reveals a similarity in tone and style with the film Dogtooth, screened last year, one in which Tsangari was involved as producer.

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