IFFR Pro Days

Pro Hub mentors in 2022

Filmmakers with films in selection are invited to take one-to-one meetings with an expert mentor. These industry insiders can provide important advice, guidance, coaching and inspiration to the filmmakers. Take a look at the experience on offer.

Producers will be able to request a meeting with ACE Producers exclusively on Wednesday, February 2

ACE Producers is Europe’s premier network of successful producers from Europe and beyond.
Each year, 18 new experienced independent producers are accepted into the ACE Network after completing the ACE programme of executive education. It consists of three workshops emphasising the key position and unique responsibilities of the producer throughout the whole process of making a film. Producers apply with a project in development that is suitable for co-production and aimed at the international market.

With an understanding of the industry’s needs, the ACE Specials are additional workshops focusing on series production, animation production and leadership, all for experienced producers, while the ACE Springboard offers emerging producers the chance to benefit from training and mentorship from within the ACE Network.

The ACE team will be attending IFFR Pro Days and are keen to meet international producers interested in applying to the next session, ACE Specials or ACE Mentoring Programme. To find out more about the ACE Workshops, the ACE Network and the application process, please do so by signing up through the form above