General press info

Please do take a minute to read the following information on the dates and structure of the screenings of International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019.

IFFR 2019: important dates and events

  • IFFR 2019: Wednesday 23 January - Sunday 3 February
  • Official Opening Night: Wednesday 23 January (by invitation only)
  • Press & Industry screenings: Thursday 24 January – Friday 1 February
  • Public screenings: Thursday 24 January - Saturday 2 February
  • Short and mid-length film section: Thursday 24 January - Saturday 2 February
  • IFFR PRO Days (incl. 36th CineMart): Friday 25 January - Friday 1 February
  • Tiger Competition for Short Films Awards Ceremony: Sunday 27 January
  • CineMart Awards Ceremony: Wednesday 30 January
  • IFFR's Awards Ceremony, including the Tiger Award: Friday 1 February
  • Closing Night: Film & Party: Saturday 2 February

Upon arrival: collecting your IFFR press badge

  • Your IFFR press badge is available from Wednesday 23 January 9:00 hours. Upon arrival in Rotterdam, collect your badge at the Accreditation Desk in IFFR professionals centre 'de Doelen' (3rd floor).
  • After collecting your badge please visit the Press Desk, located at the same floor as the Accreditation Desk, to receive additional press information and your festival bag.

How to optimize your badge

IFFR has the following services available to accredited media:

PRO screenings

Accredited journalists are welcome to attend the extensive programme of IFFR PRO (Press & Industry) screenings. As public screenings tend to be very busy and are often fully booked, we strongly advise you to schedule your personal programme around the PRO screenings. As an IFFR press badge holder, you do not need tickets to attend these screenings. Simply present your badge at the entrance of the PRO screening auditorium for scanning purposes.

Any changes in scheduled times and titles will be published on the IFFR website.

Public screenings

Tickets for public screenings can be booked through the website once logged in to your MyIFFR account.
Please cancel your reservation if you are not able to attend, so we can make someone else very happy.

Update MyIFFR account

Please be sure your arrival and departure dates are in your MyIFFR account. So the press team will be able to help you as best as possible.

Press Office

The IFFR Press Office offers information on the festival organisation, the programme, CineMart, the Hubert Bals Fund and all other IFFR events. During the festival, the Press Office can be found at ‘de Doelen’ (3rd floor, behind the Press Desk). IFFR Press officers will be present for comments, information and for arranging interviews with IFFR staff members.

Press Desk

The IFFR Press Desk is located at the 3rd floor of IFFR professionals centre ‘de Doelen’. The Press Desk team will assist you in finding your way through the festival and handle your interview requests with attending filmmakers. It's suggested to visit the Press Desk upon arrival. You can also reach the Press Desk through [email protected].

The Press Desk opening hours are:

  • Wednesday 23 January 2019 from 9:00 till 19:00 hrs
  • Thursday 24 January - Wednesday 30 January from 9:00 till 20:00 hrs
  • Thursday 31 January - Saturday 2 February from 9:00 till 18:00 hrs

Interview requests and interpreters

IFFR accredited media are invited to contact the Press Desk for arranging their one-on-one interview requests with attending talent. An interview room is available, however the surroundings of the 3rd floor of ‘de Doelen’ offer good informal spots as well. For interview requests with directors from films acquired for distribution the Press Desk collaborates with the distributors' representative. In case an interpreter is needed during the interview session, the Press Desk will arrange for this as well.

Press releases

IFFR sends out email press releases with news about IFFR, CineMart and the Hubert Bals Fund throughout the year. All press releases are available online on the IFFR website here.

Press conferences

IFFR has no regular schedule of press conferences but prefers to offer one-on-one or roundtable interviews. If however a press conference takes place, an invitation will be distributed by email and the schedule will be announced at the Press Desk.

Video Library

IFFR press badge holders are welcome to visit the Video Library (situated on the fourth floor at 'de Doelen') or to use the online IFFR Video Library to view festival titles individually.

Press & Industry work space, Wi-Fi

In ‘de Doelen’ we offer you free access to our wireless internet network. On the 3rd and 4th floor at ‘de Doelen’ you will also find a special work space with printing and copying facilities.

Photo calls

Fifteen minutes prior to the first public screening of all films in Tiger Competition, of world premieres and of films with high profile delegates attending, a photo call with the film's delegation will take place near the screening room.

Audiovisual registration of festival events

Photographing and filming at a screening is possible during introductions and Q&A's only (upon request). Please note that registering audio(visual) material of any film screening is strictly forbidden.

To register for IFFR 2019 events such as award ceremonies and for further information or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the Press Office via [email protected].


For Dutch press: [email protected]
For International press: [email protected]
+31 10 890 90 90