Press conferences 2019

Find all press conferences related to IFFR 2019 here. 

IFFR Press Conference - 09 January 2019

On Wednesday 09 January, we streamed the IFFR press conference here on Watch back and see the festival director Bero Beyer reveal the films selected for our main IFFR 2019 competitions, namely the Tiger Competition and the Big Screen Competition.

Tiger Competition in focus (part one) - 27 January 2019

On Sunday 27 January 2019, we discussed the Tiger Competition-selected films Sons of DenmarkNo coração do mundo, Take Me Somewhere Nice and Present.Perfect.. Festival director Bero Beyer speaks to filmmakers Ulaa Salim, Gabriel Martins, Maurílio Martins, Ena Sendijarević and Zhu Shengze. Rewatch it here on this page.

Tiger Competition in focus (part two) - 31 January 2019

On Thursday 31 January 2019, we discussed the Tiger Competition-selected films Sheena667, Nona. If They Soak Me, I’ll Burn ThemKoko-di Koko-da and Els dies que vindran. Festival director Beyer spoke to filmmakers Jordan Rose Frye, Camila José Donoso and Carlos Marqués-Marcet. Rewatch the press conference here on this page.