Pitching Sessions 2019

Pitch your project to professionals & pitching prep workshops

IFFR Pro 2019 gives filmmakers the unique opportunity to pitch to professionals from the film industry and to receive constructive feedback.

In preparation of this, there will be two intimate group sessions with a top coach, who will guide you in sharpening your presentation skills.

In the Prep Sessions you will gain insight into the art of presenting yourself and your ideas effectively. You’ll have the opportunity to develop and enhance your pitch in a supportive and constructive environment.  Discover how to ensure that your message comes across to whoever you’re talking to!

During the Pitching Sessions you will be able to present your completed film or project in development and to receive direct feedback from specially invited top international professionals. You may also strike useful connections with future collaborators, as during the past editions filmmakers were able to find a sales agent or attract an investor following their pitches.

The Pitching Sessions will be held in a collaborative and small-scale environment. The Prep Workshops will be done in a closed setting with a limited number or participants.

Online booking for the pitching and prep workshops is now closed. Please come and see the Pro Hub Team (3rd floor, 'de Doelen')

Pitch out! – Prep Workshops – 120 Minutes in the Art of Presenting

January 26 at 15:00
January 27 at 15:00
Dark Room, de Doelen, 4th floor

You know what your film project is about, but do you know how to get it across?

Do you come across effectively and create the impact you want to have?
How do you earn the right to someone’s attention?

One of the key skills required to get ahead in the film industry is that of communicating in the right way. These two prep sessions have been designed to sharpen your skills on how to summarize your ideas and how to communicate these concisely. Also you will learn how to feel comfortable in front of your audience.

Top coach Bonnie Williams will help you to gain the skills to adjust your pitch and to build your confidence. Pitching instructor Marjorie Bendeck will help you synthesize your content and communicate this clearly.

Pitching Sessions

January 27 at 11:00
January 28 at 15:00
Pro Hub, de Doelen, 4th floor

Sunday, 27 January

11:00 - 13:00 Pitch Your Film to Funds, Markets and Producers
Pitch your project in development or film to funds, markets and producers to receive constructive feedback from top professionals in a supportive environment. With pitching trainer Marjorie Bendeck, executive director of CinemaChile Constanza Arena, international film-market expert Lucas Rosant, film consultant Anita Voorham of Netherlands Film Fund, Fay Breeman of Hubert Bals Fund and UK-based producer Oskar Pimlott (Sungazer).

Monday, 28 January

15:00 - 17:00 Pitch Your Film to Buyers, Sales Agents, Publicists and Festivals
Pitch your film or project in development to buyers, sales agents and festivals - and receive constructive feedback from top professionals in a supportive environment. With Pitching Trainer Marjorie Bendeck and Vanja Kaludjercic (MUBI), Lorna-Lee Torres (Magnolia Pictures), Laurin Dietrich (WOLF), film consultant and development producer Delly Shirazi, Lison Hervé (Stray Dogs) and Charlotte Serrand (La Roche sur Yon International Film Festival/Quinzaine des Réalisateurs).

Online booking for the pitching and prep workshops is now closed. Please come and see the Pro Hub Team (3rd floor, 'de Doelen')

Bonnie Williams

Bonnie Williams

Bonnie Williams is an Amsterdam based American actress and Performance Coach for actors, public speakers & presenters. 
Her extensive experience includes performance coaching on pitching, presenting & interview techniques for filmmakers & producers, writers & artists, TEDx speakers, startups, keynote speakers, thought leaders, etc.
As the founder of The Whole Package, she specializes in supporting non-native English speakers in finding their own voice and speaking with impact. 
She recently led an IDFA Industry Session: Creating a Successful and Personal Voice-over Narration (with Roger Ross Williams) and also directs voiceover narration for documentary filmakers.
In addition to coaching and consulting, Bonnie also works as a professional actress and voiceover artist.

Marjorie Bendeck

Marjorie Bendeck

Originally from Honduras, holds a BA in communications and marketing, and an MA in organizational psychology, besides film production studies in Mexico and the EICTV in Cuba.

Based in Germany since 2003, where she headed the selection committee of Berlinale Talents until 2012, while also working for funds and training initiatives in Europe and Latin America. Her areas of expertise include evaluation of feature film projects as well as workshops for pitch, script and project development.
Engaged as a regular consultant with organizations like the Mediterranean Film Institute, Guadalajara Talents, ACE Producers and the Berlinale (NATIVe, World Cinema Fund). Since 2018, she is head of Connecting Cottbus East-West CoProduction Market focused on the broader Eastern European region.


  • Pitching Sessions 2019
  • Pitching Sessions 2019
  • Pitching Sessions 2019
  • Pitching Sessions 2019