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Ziad DOUEIRI (1963, Lebanon) moved tot the United States during the Lebanese Civil War. He graduated from San Diego State University with a film degree. Afterwards, he worked as assistant cameraman on films including Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. In 1998, he directed his first feature film West Beyrouth (1998) which won many awards in e.g. Cannes, Toronto, Taipei and Brussels. Doueiri then made the acclaimed Lila dit ça (2004), The Attack (2012) and directed the TV series Baron Noir (2015). In 2017 he made The Insult, world premiere in Venice, which was selected as the Lebanese entry for the Oscars.


À l'abri les enfants/West Beyrouth (1998), Lila dit ça (2004), The Attack (2012), Baron noir (2015, TV series), L’insulte/The Insult (2017) 

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Ziad Doueiri at IFFR

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