Zelimir Zilnik

Zelimir Zilnik at IFFR

Zelimir ZILNIK (1942, Serbia) has been making films since the 1960s. After spending some years living in other countries, he returned to Yugoslavia, where he directed plays and docu-dramas. In 1993, he founded the Teresianum production company and made video and television productions for B 92, the most independent radio and television station in Belgrade.


Rani radovi/Early Works (1969), Sloboda ili strip/Freedom or Cartoons (1972), Das Paradies. Eine Imperialistische Tragikomödie/Paradise. An Imperialist Tragicomedy (1976), Bolest i ozdravljenje bude brakusa/Illness and Recovery of Buda Brakus (1980), Vera i Erzika/Vera and Erzika (1981), Dragoljub i Bogdan: Struja/Dragoljub and Bodan: Electricity (1982), Prvo tromesecje Pavla Hromisa/The First Trimester of Pavle Hromis (1983), Druga generacija/The Second Generation (1983), Stanimir silazi u grad/Stanimir Descending (1984), Beograde dobro jutro/Good Morning Belgrade (1986), Lijepe zene polaze kroz grad/Pretty Women Walking Through the City (1985), Posrnule ovcice/Stumbling Sheep (1986), Vruce plate/Hot Paychecks (1987), Brukin Gusinje/Brooklyn-Gusinje (1988), Tako se kalio celik/The Way Steel was Tempered (1988), Stara masina/Old Timer (1989), Crno i belo/Black and White (1990), Tito po drugi put medju srbima/Tito's Second Time Among The Serbs (1994), Marble Ass (1995), Wanderlust/Kud plovi ovaj brod (1998), Trndjava Evropa/Fortress Europe (2000), Kenedi Goes Back Home (2003), Europe Next Door (2005), Kenedi se zeni/Kenedi is Getting Married (2007), Stara skola kapitalizma/The Old School of Capitalism (2009)