Yves Montmayeur

Yves MONTMAYEUR (1963, France) started his career in 1993, as a film critic for several magazines. He also worked as a film journalist for television programmes and in 1998 he started directing reportages and special film programmes. He continued in this vein as the director of documentaries about Miike Takashi and Michael Haneke, among others.


(all doc) Electric Yakuza: Go to Hell! (2004), Nice to meet you, please don’t love me! (2004), Ghibli et le mystère Miyazaki/Ghibli and the Miyazaki Mystery (2005), Les enragés du cinema Coréen/The Angry Men of Korean Cinema (2005), In the Mood for Doyle (2006), Yakuza Eiga, Viva la muerta! (2009), Johnnie Got His Gun (2010), Exercices de style (2010), Into the Pleasure Dome of Japanese Erotic Cinema (2011), Michael H. Profession: Director (2013), L’incertitude des choses (2013), The 1000 Eyes of Dr. Maddin (2015)