Yosep Anggi Noen

Yosep Anggi Noen at IFFR

Yosep ANGGI NOEN (1983, Indonesia) was born in a village outside Yogyakarta and started making short films with friends during high school. He later graduated from the Asian Film Academy. Anggi Noen is a producer, screenwriter and filmmaker and teaches film classes in Indonesia. His debut feature film Peculiar Vacation and Other Illnesses screened at IFFR (2012) and was nominated for a Golden Leopard at Locarno. Solo, Solitude (2016) was also nominated for a Golden Leopard. The Science of Fiction received a Special Mention at the 2019 Locarno International Film Festival and was nominated for Best Film.


(selection) Ketemu Bapak/Met Father (2002, short), The Waiting (2005, short), Mabur/About Flying (2006, short), Hujan tak jadi datang/It's Not Raining Outside (2009, short), Working Girls (2011, doc), Vakansiy yang janggal dan penyakit lainnya/Peculiar Vacation and Other Illnesses (2012), Nona kedi yang tak pernah melihat keajaiban/A Lady Caddy Who Never Saw a Hole in One (2013, short), Genre Sub Genre (2014, short), Rumah/To Home (2015, short), Kisah cinta yang asu/Love Story Not (2015, short), Istirahatlah kata-kata/Solo, Solitude (2016), Ballad of Blood and Two White Buckets (2018, short), Hiruk-pikuk si al-kisah/The Science of Fictions (2019)

Yosep Anggi Noen at IFFR

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