Yazaki Hitoshi

Yazaki Hitoshi at IFFR

YAZAKI Hitoshi was born in 1956 in Yamanashi. He studied directing at Nihon University. Before he started to direct, he worked with Nagasaki Shunichi and Ishii Sogo. His feature film Kazetachi no gogo/Afternoon Breezes (1980) was screened with great success at the film festivals in Edinburgh and Montreal and at the New York Gay Film Festival. He also had a lot of success with March Comes in Like a Lion.


Uramado (1975, short), Kazetachi no gogo/Afternoon Breezes (1980), Sangatsu no raion/March Comes in Like a Lion (1990), Hana wo tsumu shôjo to mushi wo korosu shôjo/The Girl Who Picks Flowers and the Girl Who Kills Insects (2000), Strawberry Shortcakes (2006)

Yazaki Hitoshi at IFFR

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