Yasmin Ahmad

Yasmin AHMAD (1958-2009, Malaysia) graduated in Psychology from a British university. She wrote scripts and directed television commercials, which won her prizes both at home and abroad. She has made several feature films and documentaries. Anxiety won the prize for Best Film at the Malaysian film festival in 2006. In July 2009, Yasmin died after suffering a brain hemorrhage. Her short film Chocolate is part of 15Malaysia (2009), an omnibus film that consists of 15 short films by 15 Malaysian film makers.


Rabun/My Failing Eyesight (2002), Sepet/Chinese Eyes (2004), Voices at the Bottom of the Pyramid (2005, doc), Gubra/Anxiety (2006), Mukhsin (2006), Muallaf/The Convert (2008), Talentime (2009), 15Malaysia (2009, omnibus film)