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YANG Ya-che (1971, Taiwan) graduated from the department of Mass Communication, Tamkang University. He works on a variety of projects, including several documentary series, stage plays, short films, TV drama’s and feature films. Yang's debut film, Orz Boyz (2008) tells the story of two little boys’ friendship and won him the award for Best Director in Taipei. His second film Gf*Bf won several awards in Taipei and was nominated for seven Golden Horse awards. Yang's feature film The Bold, The Corrupt and The Beautiful (2017), world premiere in Busan, won the Golden Horse for best feature film.


(selection) Squatter’s Heaven (2002, TV), The Story of a Detective (2005, TV), Lonely Game (2007, TV), A Lullaby Against Love (2008, TV), Orz Boyz (2008), 10+10: 'The Singing Boy' segment (2011), Gf*Bf (2012), The Bold, the Corrupt and the Beautiful (2017)

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