Xiaolu Guo

GUO Xiaolu (1973, China) was born in a fishing village in South China. She moved to Beijing when she was 18, where she was trained to be filmmaker. During this period, she started publishing poetry and novels. She worked as a scriptwriter, director, and journalist and taught film making. Her first feature, How is Your Fish Today? competed in Tiger Awards Competition in 2007. Guo has published seven novels by now, of which UFO in Her Eyes by was filmed by herself.


Far and Near (2003, short doc), The Concrete Revolution (2004, doc), Address Unknown (2006, short), Jin tian de yu ze me yang?/How Is Your Fish Today? (2006), We Went to Wonderland (2008, doc), An Archeologist's Sunday (2008, short), She, a Chinese (2009), Once Upon a Time Proletarian (2009, doc), UFO in Her Eyes (2011), Late at Night - Voices of Ordinary Madness (2013, doc)